Seattle: Day 1

Hey Y’all!

Oh man. I love Washington SO much. I already miss it and I didn’t even leave yet.

Every couple of months I find a reason to come visit my fabulous norwegian looking cousins Igor and Liya in Seattle, and the majestic mountain – Mt. Rainer.

I flew into Spokane, WA on Saturday for my cousin Andrey’s wedding. I was there for basically 24 hours and then drove to Seattle with Liya and Igor. It always does my heart good to see my family and also to be in the great Pacific Northwest.

This morning we got up and ate some yummy runny egg sandwiches and headed out to Lake Cushman with Liya’s sisters Olya and Mary. The drive is about 1.5 hrs but it flew by so quickly.

When we got there I could not believe what we were seeing. It just seemed unreal to me. How could something be THAT beautiful? It just blows my mind. God is the ultimate artist, that is for sure. The water was a vibrant turquoise color and the mountains were filled with gorgeous pines.

We decided to go to Mary’s house in the evening for a game night and went to pick up some snacks. When we trying to leave from the store, our car alarm would NOT stop going off!! Even when we unlocked it with the key and did every possible combination of  unlocking and locking that we could think of it would just not stop beeping! It was beeping for 15 minutes straight. We sat in the car waiting and embarrassed as could be.  Finally Igor came and saved the day!

We finished off our evening with a lovely visit to Mary’s house, and headed home after a day filled with adventure. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I am enjoying Washington!

With much love,


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  • V

    on March 22, 2017  1:25 pm

    I seriously love all of your photos! Awesome job!!

    • fullof8_wp

      on March 22, 2017  4:16 pm