Hi Darlings! My name is Bekky and I am passionate about photography. Like for real. I can listen to photographers speak about photography for hours on end!

I grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania called Belleville. I often reminisce about those hot summer days, running around barefoot with my siblings in my parents garden, collecting raspberries and blackberries, and having water fights. I have ten siblings. I am a people person and love to be surrounded by the ones I love.by

I believe my happiest moments in life are connected to those times when I am with the ones that are meaningful in my world. I get to live in the Shenandoah Valley and I absolutely love it! I’m so lucky to live here because it is absolutely gorgeous all year round.

A few tidbits about me: I am a Christ follower. Without Jesus, I would be nothing and nowhere. He brought salvation, hope, and purpose into my life.

I am Russian. It is really great because the Russian culture has so much tradition and beauty in it.

I recently bought a banjo and ukelele and I am slow learning how to play. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. I think everyone should own a banjo or ukelele. One of my favorite things to do is to get together with a group of friends and just jam to our heart’s content.

I love my nieces and nephews. It is the best feeling and privilege in the world to be an Aunt.

I adore traveling, ( but not airports) and visiting friends + family.

A few of my favorite places are the Pacific North West, Maine, and Belarus. I’ve been to Belarus a couple times on a missionary trip to work with the vast amounts of orphans that are there. I’m pretty sure I forgot my heart there, really. You can check out some more information here about the missionary work done there: http://handforyou.org/

I drive a Prius and I love it. No matter how much people hate on it and make jokes. It is just so fuel efficient and that’s all that I care about!


If you want to know any more about me we can get together for some coffee, or a taco. I’m down for both!

With much love,